Thursday, February 28, 2008

We're done!!

At the Consulate - we're done!

What a silly boy!!

Our last day in China! Our day was free until 2:30 so we took the morning slow and easy. We hit Lucy's for one last time for lunch savoring the iced tea. John picked up a few pieces of laundry and Jeremy and I went for a stroll - hit the park and some bronze statues. We got the shot of Jeremy on the bronze dog for posterity after we left Lucy's.

Jeremy played with some Chinese children (nationals) at the park and handled going down the bigger twisty slide this time with ease. The day was very sunny and with just a bit of a cool breeze. Of course as the day wore on it did get warmer .... a warmth we will surely miss when we get back to snowy Iowa tomorrow.

We boarded the bus at 2:45 to go to the US Consulate for our swearing in. The place was full! Everything proceeded without problems and we were quickly congratulated for completing the process. As soon as Jeremy passes thru US customs, he will be a US citizen.

We arrived back to the hotel just after 5pm and Jeremy, as usual, ran on ahead of us - he knows all the families in our group. We entered the lobby of the hotel just in time to see him board an elevator with a teen girl from another family that is staying next door to us. We boarded the other elevator with 2 other families and a Chinese gentleman- 12 of us packed in tight. The doors to the elevator closed and the elevator promptly dropped slightly and then everything just turned off. We were stuck in an elevator and Jeremy was not with us ..... such good parents, huh? It took at least 25 min for them to get someone to open the doors from the outside. It was a looong 25 min!! Jeremy was in the lobby and no one seemed to even know we were stuck in the elevator. The teen was freaking out a bit, wondering where we were. All ended well and our guide reminded Jeremy (as we have nearly 6 times a day) not to leave us and especially not to get in an elevator without us!

We and another family then set off for Station 1 - a restaurant we have never eaten at before - known for it's western cuisine. It was very fancy and the food was okay - nothing to call home about! We then stopped for an ice cream, picked up some etchings and a chop and then back to the hotel.

We had to pack, shower and, of course, call dear Grace to sing Happy Birthday to her!! We waited until 10pm here .... 8 am in Iowa .... and unfortunately woke her up.

We have a 4:30am wake up call, leave for the airport at 5:45am and take off at 8:30am. We will be home tomorrow and sleeping in our own SOFT beds tomorrow night!! It will feel sooooo good!

Thank you all so very much for upholding us in your prayers - Jeremy has done so very well so far. Continue to pray for his transition into our family.

We can't wait to give all the rest of our kids big hugs!!! We love you!

Mary and John

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Barbara... the writer said...

Mary, John, & Jeremy,
Prayers are with you for a safe and comfortable flight home. It has been a joy to follow your trip and meet Jeremy. We look forward as always to reading of the adventures of all of the family.
God's Blessings On You All,