Thursday, February 28, 2008


Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Gracie,
Happy birthday to you!!!

May the dear Lord bless you,
May the dear Lord bless you,
May the dear Lord bless Gracie,
Happy birthday to you!!

Sorry we can't be there with you today to celebrate #14 ... will make it up to you when we get home and are over that jet lag stuff!! We leave in 18 hours. It IS actually your birthday right now, in China AND America .... albeit only 12:23am in Iowa ..... Dad said I couldn't call and sing to you, tho! :) Will try to catch you in another 7 or 8 hours for an early morning birthday wish.

Mom and Dad


The Curries said...

Happy Birthday! I'd call you, but I don't know where to call.... I bet you're excited to get back home and together with your parents and the rest of your family- and new brother.

Hopefully we'll see you in June. Talk to you later!
Love, Aunt Sheridan, Uncle Brad, and Eileen

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mom and Dad, see you guys tomorrow!!! :D


Barbara... the writer said...

Happy Birthday Grace!
"Cyber family friends"
The Lymans
David, Barbara, & John Guo