Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday, Feb 19 Adoption Day

We left for the Civil Affairs office at 8:15 this morning. The first paperwork to complete was the signing of the adoption paperwork - with red ink thumbprints for John/Mary and a very large red right footprint for Jeremy. A very special thing happened this time, though, that has not happened in our previous 3 adoptions. Jeremy was asked to sign under his red footprint. He very neatly signed his name in Chinese characters and then dated it as instructed - the clerk was ever so impressed by his penmanship and our hearts simply soared - video of this will be attached.
Wherever we walked in the CA building, Jeremy was the center of attention - wooing everyone he came in contact with .... soon to be a politician or a preacher, I think! :) Several folks wanted his picture and were so very taken by his demeanor/manner. Of course, Mom and Dad thought he was a bit out of hand, dashing here and there and walking into offices with our guide, serving water to whomever he could find to take it!! He pulls out a cup, fills it at the water cooler and carries it carefully to his next 'customer'.

Our pockets were drained as this is where most of the overseas monies are paid ... money well spent to be sure! Jeremy is now officially

Jeremy Yue Yuanrong Kamberger .... now that's a mouthful.

After finishing the paperwork we went to a local supermarket/dept store and had Jeremy choose many things to give to his friends at the orphanage tomorrow. Of course, in true kid style it was mostly treats! We also bought two sets of badminton rackets and a soccer ball for the kids to use in their courtyard area. Back in the hotel room, Jeremy was eager to help fill 8 bags of goodies to take tomorrow. "Yueyang, mingtian!!" he squealed ... Yueyang, tomorrow! We hope to see his finding place, speak to many of his past ayis, get some records/pictures and visit his only previous home and school.

Jacky, our guide exited just prior to lunch and we played a bit in the room. Then we were off to McDonalds - he certainly did not forget that I had promised we could go for lunch today! He tolerated the cheeseburger, but devoured the french fries - see video of his french fry eating technique when it's posted! Amazing! Of course we got the usual stares and gawks - even more than usual for a pair of westerners adopting one of China's own.

Upon returning to the hotel, Dad took a rest and Jeremy and I played war with our Skipbo cards (skipbo's removed of course). He loves to throw the cards down and scoop up his winnings!! We also enjoyed a couple games of bowling at the hotel alley - Jeremy ... with a bit of help from Mama scored a huge 30 the first game, but got tired and dropped to only 8 for the second!! BUT he had a blast!! Giving us high 'fives' for every turn! The attendants stood by and smiled! See yet another video when it comes out!

Jeremy is another hot-n-tot just like our Juls - he sweats at the least bit of exertion. He loves playing volley-the-balloon in the room and squeals with sweet laughter throughout the game.

There is very little down time for Jeremy though - I pulled out one of the magnetic picture games I brought and it held him for, oh, about 8 minutes. Geez, what's a Mom to do to get a few quick winks of shut eye?? I had him copy the entire alphabet and he did so with great finesse - and he wrote numbers until I told him, okay, that's enough! He then wrote Jeremy as easy as pie - what a kid!

He has finally fallen off to sleep - a busy day and another busier one tomorrow. Pray for his final goodbyes at Yueyang tomorrow - it's all he has ever known.

Oh, and by the way .... he sweetly said, "Wo ai ni" to me today ... several times. To those without chinese kiddos that means 'I love you'!! Yowza!! He still disdains being told no, but carefully backs down when we become "stern" with him ... smiling all the while. We've come to know the chinese are very, very lax with their sense of discipline and breaking through to the tender heart inside may take a bit of time.

We continue to be in awe of his spirit of determination and pray that the Lord will use him mightily for His kingdom!

Blessings from Hunan,

Mary and John


Barbara... the writer said...

Good Morning from WA state!
Our son John Guo is following your journey with us. He is fascinated with Jeremy's story as we tell him. Guo is as amazed and thrilled to read of how Jeremy uses and manipulates his shortened arms as we are.
The smile and energy are infectious. I could just reach through screen and hug him.
Have a wonderful day.
Blessings from the Lymans,
Barbara (WCF)

c said...

Dear Mary and Family,
What an amazing little guy you have!!!!!!!!!!!..he is an inspiration and just so darn adorable!!!!
Chris...Lulu's mommy