Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday, Feb 24

A slow sorta Sunday day. We went to Shamian Christian Church at 11am, skipping the Safari Park with most of the rest of the group. An evangelistic message was given with the pastor asking who had already received Christ into their heart - most of those in attendance raised their hand! The church was packed as usual with many nationals there for the first time.

We lunched at a new restaurant which was very busy - the food was fair and the staff was always in a buzz.

We were to meet our entire group for dinner at Lucy's but it was raining and cool - we were unaware that the dinner was postponed until Monday night and was set for the Cow & Bridge Thai restaurant instead. We met only one family (the Haske's) from our group at Lucy's who also weren't aware that the dinner was postponed - we decided to go to the Cow/Bridge due to the rain and the fact that Lucy's was so very busy. The Haskes adopted a 6yr old boy and he and Jeremy enjoyed each other's company.

Jeremy sipping a banana juice-milk.

Sebastian, Jeremy's new friend.

The day ended with the three of us sitting in bed watching a food network show, Jeremy "the baloney" in the middle - he fell asleep and John carried him to his bed.

No pix for today.....sorry dear John Guo!


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Barbara... the writer said...

David (dh) and I are giggling as I write. Not 5 seconds before I got to your message to John Guo did he say: "I want to see Jeremy pictures".
You are an absolute mind reader!
Barbara Lyman