Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday, Feb 25 - Chen Family Temple

We met most of the group this morning at 9:30 am to go to the Chen Family Temple - this is a historic place which a very wealthy family built in which to worship their ancestors. The architecture was quite detailed, but the tour was rather dull. Jeremy, as usual, was active and skipping here and there, socializing with everyone.....especially anyone with a camera. Not only does he love to pose for a picture, but he also loves to take pix and will sucker anyone willing to be suckered!

We also hit a porcelain store but the prices were really high - nothing purchased here. We had some more fun with Sebastian Haske, the 6yo boy we met over the last 2 days. We were then back to the hotel by 12:30. Quite thirsty, we headed for Lucy's for tea and sandwiches. Jeremy didn't care for his first actual "sandwich" - grilled ham and cheese, but chowed down on his french fries with gusto.

John returned to the hotel after exchanging some money, while Mary and Jeremy did some shopping. Mary and Jeremy also went to the park, but there were puddles galore and the slides were quite tacky due to the humidity. It did appear, tho, that Jeremy has never gone down a slide before and was quite taken by them.

I think I've got the hang of this thing!

We were able to get nearly the entire group together tonight - all but one family, I believe - for group pictures and dinner at the Cow/Bridge Thai Restaurant. It was very enjoyable - Jeremy sat across from Miss Stefani and used her camera for nearly 80% of the time there - taking pix of everyone, including waitresses and other patrons! The company was wonderful and we were able to mingle with a couple families that we had not yet shared much with. What a great group of families!! AND we were able to share it with Paula who just rec'd Ben this afternoon - what a cutie pie!

Jeremy with Connie, our guide, who is smitten with him.

The entire huge CHI group!

Just the boys .... who outnumber the girls!

And the girls with their light up crowns that Miss Stefani gave them!

After dinner, I recalled my father's favorite saying after eating ....."mmm, I think I would like something cold and sweet" so we went for an ice cream in his honor!! :) Vanilla for John, Chocolate for me and strawberry for Jeremy.

Tomorrow we will have the medical done, visa pix and fill out paperwork. The camera battery died just after the big group shots, so we won't be able to download pix until it charges - in the morning.

Wan an, all - good night!


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Barbara... the writer said...

Oh no... there's the connection... Jeremy & John Guo are both picture taking kids! Guo will take pictures of anyone & anything too. He loves it.
Do we have budding photographers in our future??? Maybe they will form a partnership??? "Sparkling Eyes, Inc."...
Barbara :-)