Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday, Feb 26 Medical and paperwork

Today Jeremy's medical exam wasn't scheduled until 2pm so we hit a few stores before lunch. It was quite brisk today and we had to head back up to the room for coats when we first decided to go out. We found a store that we had never been in before called A Gift from China - most all of the store items are handmade and all the proceeds go back into caring for orphans. They had such beautiful things - the prices were higher, but knowing that it was for a great cause helped. It was also a calm environment without all the pushy sales clerks, too. :)

Our main group of 7 families headed to the Medical Clinic at 2pm, had our visa pix taken first and then on for the exams. The kids have to go through just 3 stations: ENT, medical eval and hgt/wgt with temp. Jeremy and Sebastian waiting for their exams.

Jeremy weighs in at about 47 pounds and 47 inches.

He's all heart! :) .... and wearing his new pendant!

After the exams paperwork had to be done for the Consulate appts tomorrow. When you have 7 families doing the paperwork all at once, it takes awhile - Mary was here for about 2 hours! Tomorrow our Consulate appt is for 10:30 and Connie goes for all of us at once - one of us has to stay in our room until Connie calls with the "all clear/you passed" in case there are any further questions or info needed.

We headed just across the street to a small restaurant we had never been to before. It had hot pots built right into each table - too bad we had never done this with anyone before and had no idea what to do ..... not to mention most of the items were fish/seafood and our waiter kept pointing out how tasty the squid dishes were. We ordered precooked dishes instead. Would love to have had a guide to help us do the hotpot meal!

Hoping it will be warmer tomorrow!!

Mary and John


Barbara... the writer said...

from John Guo: "Jeremy Mama: thank you for the pictures... I like to see pictures of your son and China..."

Angel said...

How fun to see him to Sebastian together. What a neat store. I would love to see that. Angel