Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Settling in

We are home for 4 days now and Jeremy is settling in to his new family. He enjoys playing with the other children, and their toys! I suspect he and Nathan are going to have some mighty fierce battles before too long. Jeremy is very inquisitive, likes to look everything over and push buttons to see what happens. He likes Lego's and anything electronic. For several years now we have had the children using starfall.com, which is an excellent/fun program for teaching reading and phonics. Jeremy already points to the computer and says "Starfall please!"

There have also been times of grieving, as everything he has ever known has been taken away from him, and he's been taken to this faraway country where most people don't look like him, and nobody speaks in a language that he can understand, and it's soooooo darn cold outside compared to anything he's ever experienced, and he misses his friends in China, and the food is NOTHING like what he's used to, and...............it goes on and on. Everything is going exactly as anticipated, and as with the other children we've adopted, Jeremy will have these grieving periods which will gradually diminish in frequency as he realizes the love that's being heaped upon him is a "forever" kind of love. Keep him in your prayers.

Attached are a few pics of things since we got home.


"I think I like my new brother" says Juliana!

"Wow, it's never this cold in China, but look at all these neat playthings!"


Barbara... the writer said...

Like the picture of Juliana & Jeremy... very sweet. Guo said he never saw snow like that in Fujian either!
Our prayers are with you as you go through the adjustments. :-)

Liming Pals said...

Great to see this blog!! I have tears in my eyes! It makes me think of my friends in China who are also John and Jeremy in an orphanage in Xi'an.
I am living in Mason City just came to USA on Jau 17th,married in Meservey. Hoping to meet your family.
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