Sunday, March 16, 2008

Home 2 weeks

Has it really only been two weeks? It seems so very much longer than that. Jeremy and the family are blending together. Jeremy has started with more words lately - this morning he asked, "Jeremy, drink please" when he wanted juice with breakfast. He also knew ever too well that what he rec'd from his Sunday School teacher was "chocolate" - she gave out early Easter treats since she will be away next week. He wanted to eat it right away lest someone else get it, but mean Momma put it in the bag - his pout didn't last long at all, though.

What a kid!! This week, as he was full of himself, giggling and all, he grabbed his socks and proceeded to put them on by himself .... something I had been doing for him all along .... he caught me staring at him as he carefully opened each sock with his toes and stretched them enough to get his foot in and them pull them up with his other toes ... he realized what he was doing and grinned broadly as I commented, "you stinker!" One more thing that he actually CAN do on his own! :) I will get this one on video for sure! I think for his birthday or someday soon, I will have all the church kids/families over and we will all get our hands wrapped with duct tape and try to do all the things Jeremy does all by himself!!

He also thoroughly enjoyed going outside everyday this past week as the weather warmed into the 40s and 50s, melting tons of snow and ice. We chipped ice each day to reclaim the driveway and sidewalk edges that had been encroached upon since December. Jeremy grabbed a small shovel in the garage and proceeded to help in any way he could. By Friday afternoon, his stumpies were really chapped, hot and red - poor thing. He would wear gloves for awhile, but can get a better "grip" on things with his skin and the damp gloves/mittens would come off. We lathered those stumpies up good this weekend and stayed inside most of the time letting them heal.

It is really neat to see the 4 youngers split off differently on different days - Nate and Jeremy were outside on Friday, while Sarabeth and Juls truly enjoyed girlie time playing just dolls inside. But them Jeremy and Sarabeth will team up to do something totally different. They are all not "jockeying" for position quite as much anymore, unless they are really tired. They all enjoyed helping make cupcakes on Friday, cracking eggs and pieces of shell into the bowl, and icing and decorating them was even more fun!

Jeremy freely gives hugs and smooches .... especially when he is "sucking up" for something! "Puleeeeease?" he says repeatedly when he wants something that another child has - he is learning that sharing is part of being in a family.... of course Juls is STILL learning that!! Jeremy and Mommy have a special goodnight ritual of kisses on each cheek, butterfly kisses to each eye and a nose rub ... something I have done with each new child when they have come home - it gives us "up close" time and Jeremy easily says, "I love ooo"!

He is tolerating our food, but makes sure he has fruit at every meal .... that at least tastes the same as it did in China - a banana is always a banana! I have bought 5 times more apples, bananas and oranges in the last 2 wks - of course if one asks for it, everyone wants it. Sooo we are definitely getting more fruits in our diet now! I have found Yo-J is very similar to the Wahaha that the China kids love to drink - unfortunately it is not the cheapest drink on the market! Jeremy also loves ice with every drink usually - probably was a real luxury for him in China and now it just pours out of the refrigerator door! WOW!! And "bean chillin" .... ice cream is frequently asked for - in a cone, in a bowl, with and without jimmies. This place must seem like a resort to him!

We are so very thankful that we took yet another leap of faith in bringing this remarkable child into our family! He goes at life full steam ahead and just amazes us every day. He does get corrected here and there which usually brings wet eyes and a dropped head ... but it doesn't last for long. His "okay" is clear as a bell, even when I know for certain that he has no idea what he just said okay to! We are blessed, he is blessed .... what more could we ask for?

Thank you, Lord, for yet another small life to nurture and train - may his life be used mightily for Your Kingdom and the furtherance of the gospel!



Barbara... the writer said...

You are Blessing from God to your children. Thanks Be To Him!!
Hugs all Around from John Guo & me

Liming Pals said...

Great to see your life and your faith for Jesus Christ. I forgot to tell you that Jinming&Hongyan family introduce us to this blog.

K & J in Minnesota said...

Wow - there really are moms crazy for the hard to place kiddos! Thank you so much for sharing your remarkable journey. My heart is aching for an 8 year old who has been waiting and waiting. We just brought home a 6 year old (4 months ago) and don't meet China's new criteria (DH anxiety) - but I have such a heart for the waiting 8 year old - her sn is a disfigured ear. Would you please pray for a miracle for this little girl and us? God bless! Karin